Egaceutical Corporation Demonstrates Human Age Reversal, Patent is Pending

San Diego April 19, 2017

The first international patent application for human age reversal has just been published by the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). The patent application, PCT/US2016/055173, is called “RESETTING BIOLOGICAL PATHWAYS FOR DEFENDING AGAINST AND REPAIRING DETERIORATION FROM HUMAN AGING” and the inventor is Joel T. Huizenga of Egaceutical Corporation from La Jolla, California.

Egaceutical Corporation meeting with Chinese government officials

October 19, 2016

Joel Huizenga, CEO of Egaceutical Corporation joined its Chinese manufacturing partner for the a meeting with Liu Qi, the Governor of People’s Government of Jiangxi Province, as well as other government officials on October 19th, 2016 and the groundbreaking ceremony on October 20th for one ingredient of its EGA® (human age reversal) product in a new biotechnology district of Jiangxi Province.

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