EGA® Side Car study Participation

General Discription

EGA® “Side Car” study is open to “accredited” investors (that have the appropriate health to participate) looking to assess EGA® and Egaceutical Corporation for possible investment into Egaceutical’s Reg D 506c SEC registered offering.

Participant agrees to:

  • A minimum of 16 weeks of participation

  • Payment for EGA®

  • Payment for Diagnostic Testing

    Minimum blood testing is: IL-6. TNF-alpha, CRP, CMV-IgG, fasting insulin and glucose.

  • To follow study protocol

  • To follow study EGA® dosing

  • To follow study testing times and dates

  • To follow study self-reporting

  • To allow Egaceutical access to all relevant medical information needed for study

If you are interested in participating in this Side Car study, please provide Egaceutical with the following information

2 + 5 = ?

If you meet the general guidelines for the study, we will contact you and supply you with specific information to join the study.

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